Please can all parents/carers be extra vigilant as we have been made aware of an app aimed at 18+ years that is anonymous and has the ability to share images. We are aware that young children have accessed this app despite needing a Facebook or gmail to login. It is an un-monitored chat room that is anonymous and images (some indecent) have been shared. Please keep your child safe and monitor their phone/tablet/laptop use.


MOMO Information 

Dangers are arising on the internet all of the time. 

Click on the link below to find how to keep your children safer online. 


National Online Safety

Safer Internet Day 2019 - TOP TIPS FOR PARENTS

Safer Internet Day 2019 is being celebrated around the world on Tuesday 5th February 2019.

The global theme is ‘together for a better internet’.

Everyone has their part to play in making the internet a better place, including you! 

Have a look at the tips by clicking the link below with some suggestions on how to get you started.


Safer Internet Day Top  Tips Link


Help and Advice

Please click on the documents below to find some of the most up to date help and advice to keeping your children safe when using technology.

File icon: pdf Online Gaming - Advice for Parents [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf How to safely use the new feature on Snapchat [pdf 8MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Childnet - Parents Factsheet [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf HSCB - Staying Safe Online Booklet v2 05.02.2018 [pdf 799KB] Click to download


Fortnite a helpful guide for parent's and carers

 Recently we have noticed an increasing number of young people talking about the game ‘Fortnite’. Here is a link from UK Safer Internet Cente about Fortnite, looking at what the game is and some of the things to be aware of.

Fortnite - helpful information




How to use the new Snap Map feature on Snapchat safely.

File icon: pdf Snap_Map [pdf 8MB] Click to download


Keeping up with the latest in online gaming can be a multi-level challenge for parents - especially when what's ‘cool’ seems to change at the speed of a mouse-click.  One of today's most popular games is also one of the most dangerous.

Roblox has been called "the world's most popular game you've never heard of." In fact, this massively multiplayer online game has recently outstripped even Minecraft's user numbers.  While the game may seem like an innocent digital playground for children, there are some frightening issues with its online community.

Please follow the link below to find out more informaton.


Making Devices Safer

Excellent advice on how to set parental controls on a range of devices and search engines. 


Anti-bullying week & cyber-bullying

Here is information to guide and help keep children safe on the internet.



Pokemon Go!

Help and information about Pokemon Go!



Anti-radicalisation Information

How could my child become radicalised?

Why could social networking be a concern?

What are the signs I should look out for?


Keeping Safe Online

Information about some of the risks that children can face when online and some good tips for reducing these risks.