Name Category Responsibility Date of Appointment Term Declared business/financial interest Attendance at meetings in the last academic year Relationships Other Governance
Mrs Estelle Macdonald Executive Headteacher CEO of HCAT     HCRP, HCTSRestorative practice and training for education 40% None Trustee at Swanland Education Trust
Mrs Glenda Greendale Community Governor


Child Protection

Looked after Children


Vice Chair

October 2017 2 years None 60% None  
Mr Mike Bishop Staff Governor   January 2018 2 years None 100% Wife works at the school



Mrs Pauline Winn Observer       Building and joinery-Husband and sons business   None Trustee
Mrs Jane Harris Community Governor

Chair of Governors




Pupil premium

December 2017 2 years None 100% None  
Mr Kahir Ullah Parent Governor   October 2019 2 years None 100% Son and daughter attend Collingwood  
Rawan Mkhaimer Parent Governor   October 2019 2 years None 100% Sons attend Collingwood