School starts at 8:50 and finishes at 3:00. Any arrivals after 8:50 are recorded as late. We expect pupils to be collected from their classroom doors on time. Pupils that stay for an after school club are to be collected from the front of school no later than 4:15.

If your child is absent for any reason you must contact the school on 01482331914. If we do not know why your child is absent from school and we cannot contact you the attendance officers will make a home visit.

It is a legal requirement under British Law that all children of school age attend school all day, every day.  It is unacceptable to take your child out of school during term time for reason of a holiday or an extended visit to your home country.  Any absence for reason of a holiday will result in a Fixed Penalty Notice Fine from the Local Education Authority under the Education (Penalty Notice)(England)(Amendment) Regulation 2013.  If the fine remains unpaid it can lead to the matter being placed before the Magistrates Court under section 44(1)A of the Education Act (1996).  Any absence (the period of which is at the Headteacher’s discretion) for an extended holiday or visit to your home country may result in your child being removed from the Collingwood Primary register and losing their place here.  We do not want this to happen so please do not take your children out of school.

Any pupil whose attendance drops below 90% (for any absence) will be closely monitored and any further drop will initiate the start of an Education Welfare Office Attendance Enforcement Procedure which can again lead to Fixed Penalty Notice Fine and/or the matter being placed before the Magistrates Court.

We are also experiencing an increasing number of children who are being taken out of school for appointments and/or being collected early.  Please can I remind you that you should make appointments for the Doctor, Dentist, Optician etc out of school hours although I do appreciate that this is not always possible.

If your child needs to attend an appointment during school hours please inform your child’s class teacher and the school office on the morning of your appointment and bring an appointment card or letter as proof.  Your child should only be taken out of school for the duration of the appointment, not for an entire morning, afternoon or day.

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