School Council News

The school council consists of two children from each year group. Our school council are a hard working and very professional group of pupils.They are elected by their peers to represent them at school council meetings.

"A school councillor is a person who organises events." Kelsey Y6.

"A school councillor is a responsible person who is always caring and needs to make the correct choices.  They organise events and make the environment a much happier place." Aidan Y6.

"A school councillor talks about what's going on around school or if anything needs to be done." Florence.

Autumn Term 2017/18 

Foundation Stage 1 and 2 - Jad & Evie

Year 1 –  Dylan & Hala

Year 2 – Kai & Jayden

Year 3 – Jamilah & Jack

Year 4 – Julia & Jay & Layla

Year 5 – Andrej & Ayeshah

Year 6 – Aidan & Sharmaine