Collingwood School Council

The school council consists of two children from each year group. Our school council are a hard working and very professional group of pupils.They are elected by their peers to represent them at school council meetings.

"A school councillor is a person who organises events." Kelsey Y6.

"A school councillor is a responsible person who is always caring and needs to make the correct choices.  They organise events and make the environment a much happier place." Aidan Y6.

"A school councillor talks about what's going on around school or if anything needs to be done." Florence.

School Council Members


Foundation Stage 1 and 2 - Jad & Evie

Year 1 –  Dylan & Hala

Year 2 – Kai & Jayden

Year 3/4 – Jamilah, Julia, Jay & Layla

Year 5 – Andrej & Ayeshah

Year 6 – Aidan & Sharmaine

School Council News w/c 18th June 2018

This week the school council want to share what they have been doing in class. 

If you need any information about the individual classes, remember to check out their own pages and Twitter!

Foundation Stage  - "We have been using full number sentences and trying to do them on our own with cubes. We did dividing last week!"

Year 1 - "We have been writing stories and making sure we use full sentences and that they make sense."

Year 2 - "We have been writing about the Gruffalo and a tortoise came to visit!"

Year 3 - "We have written instructions on making Viking longships because we made them in class and know how to do it."

Year 4 - "We are working on time. It is quite tricky but we are getting better at it."

Year 5 - "We have just finished writing a balanced argument. In maths, we are looking at measurement." 

Year 6 - "We have been learning ways to impress people with maths tricks and have been multiplying huge numbers."