Every child in year 6 holds the responsibility of being a school ambassador. This means that they take a pro-active role in modelling being an outstanding member of our Collingwood community. Each child also holds a specific position of responsibility within the school. This might be supporting at lunchtime, monitoring safe use of the internet, running clubs or a whole range of other roles that allow everyone to find something that they enjoy.

What does it mean to be a Collingwood Ambassador?

I think that being an ambassador is fun because you get to help people if they are from a different country and don’t know how to speak English.

- Adel

In my role as an ambassador I need to keep our children at Collingwood happy and look after our Collingwood community.

- Wiktoria

I think that it is good to be an ambassador because we have to help the little ones and be a role-model for them. As an ambassador my role is to help out in the nursery at lunch time.

- Lilly Ann

Being an ambassador is a huge responsibility and helps us to develop and be helpful like the adults in school.

- Beyza

I feel amazing to be an ambassador because it is a big responsibility. Our role is to support younger children to learn and to help them solve problems restoratively.

- Delaney

An ambassador is someone who cares for people and looks after them. Ambassadors need to be responsible for the things that they do, also they need to be role-models for the whole school. Ambassadors have to make positive and negative affective statements to support and challenge others. We also praise children when they do something that they should be proud of.

- Milena