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The Collingwood Primary School Curriculum

Our curriculum is rooted in talk, collaboration and experiential learning opportunities. Teachers plan their own curriculum to meet the needs and interests of the children in the class. They go above and beyond, to plan engaging and stimulating lessons for children, utilising talk strategies and practical activity at an age appropriate level to stimulate curiosity and interest and to foster a love of learning and motivation to learn outside of the school day – children often bring in personal learning or completely self-initiated homework tasks. Because we empower teachers to develop a bespoke curriculum for their pupils, they have the freedom and flexibility to amend their curriculum at any time to respond to emerging needs, or local and national demands. This maintains a curriculum which is relevant and responsive.




Teachers are extremely passionate about creating exciting learning opportunities for children, planning a significant amount of trips and visitors to work alongside pupils in order to plug experiential gaps for the children they teach and to provide rich curriculum enhancement. This curriculum is supported by a busy schedule of after school provision, including a broad range of competitive sporting opportunities. Teachers strive to provide children learning for authentic purpose, for example, preparing for parent/teacher consultations or preparing for a performance or assembly.

The Collingwood Curriculum extends beyond what happens in the classroom. Every member of staff who works in the school is empowered to champion learning. Coaching is used to good effect to support the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of pupils and prepare them for life in Modern Britain as responsible citizens with a strong understanding of digital citizenship. Every adult in school runs a coaching group, including admin staff and the site supervisor. We are a community of learners and coaching provides children with another significant adult in school to challenge and support them. A robust program of Emotional Well-being support is tailored to ensure that pupils are very well supported to access the curriculum and that their individual learning needs are met. Staff are deployed in creative ways to ensure that the acquisition of basic skills is a priority in the curriculum and that these skills develop rapidly through daily practise and feedback. We deliver our curriculum in a highly inclusive way. We work hard to meet the needs of all children, highly skilled specialist SEN teachers support pupils and staff with access provision in all areas of the curriculum and, at times, often for very vulnerable or SEND pupils, a personalised curriculum is devised, implemented and monitored. All efforts are towards meeting the needs of all children.

We employ the skills of professional coaches in sport, music, dance and drama to work alongside our teachers and deliver a curriculum to the highest standard.

We deliver our curriculum in line with our core value statement and our learning and teaching principles.

Core Value Statement

Children at Collingwood Primary School are restorative.

Through our actions and strong leadership, we show that we are  

caring, that we have courage

and that we act responsibly.

We are aspirational and we work hard.


Our Principles of Learning and Teaching

  • That learning and teaching be underpinned by our restorative philosophy.
  • That our pedagogical approach be research based and be continuously evolving to best meet our aims.
  • All stakeholders have a responsibility for developing their own and others learning so that it is;
  •  collaborative
  •  experiential 
  •  authentic
  •  progressive

Curriculum 2016/17 - 17/18

This academic year has been exciting and dynamic for the Collingwood Community. Our city, the UK’s current City of Culture, has provided many diverse and exciting cultural activities for children and staff to experience and most importantly has opened the children’s eyes to a world of opportunity they can aspire to.


As part of the HCAT family, children have participated in various tournaments and competitions in sports and the arts. Children from Collingwood have played football, rugby, cricket, cross-country and even golf! We recently were judged joint first in a dance competition, celebrating the amazing talent of our pupils. We have visited other schools as part of the HCAT CATs, entering our poetry compositions, musical performances and short stories. Some children worked with the Royal Ballet and we had poets in residence for a week, which the children were awe struck by and then highly motivated to compose their own verse.


We have focussed on improving our own Collingwood environment, creating lasting pieces of artwork, collecting bottle tops for over seven months to create a recycled mural to celebrate Hull. The children are very proud of this incredible achievement. Each class also had the opportunity to help carve a beautiful totem pole and to work in our successful pop-up shop, which was a lovely day of dance, song and art, supported by many of our parents.

For any other information regarding the Collingwood Curriculum please contact Mr McCormick, our curriculum leader, using the school contact details by following the icon.