We progressively build scientific knowledge, skills and understanding.  There is a highly interactive learning environment. This quality teaching and quality communication drives our learning.  We work within and beyond our community to build on our scientific knowledge.

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Science in FS1


In nursery Science is covered by Understanding of the world, people and communities and health and sefl care.

Our Nuersery children enjoy looking at similarities and diffreences as well as going on nature walks to look at the changes in the world around them. Nursery children are also given opportunities to engage in practical investigations where they can comment and ask questions which will support their development in communication and language.

Science in FS2

In FS2 Science is covered under Understanding of the world, people and communities as well as health and self care. Children are given the opportunities to explore the immediate environment and compare it to other environments.They can make observations of plants and living things as well as being able to explain how some things occur and talk about changes using new vocabulary.

Year 1

In Year 1 we have been learning about seasonal changes which we will cover across the year to compare the differences and similarities. We have also been concentrating on materials, where we have looked at the sutability for diffrent materials and how they are used to make different objects.

Year 2

In year 2 we have been learnng about a variety of materials by naming them and grouping them by their properties. We have been experimenting with them to see what each material can do for example bending, stretching, squashing we then compared their propities and decided which job each material would suit.

Year 3

In Year 3 we have been studying rocks and minerals, during this time we have learnt about the cycle of rocks and also the different types of rocks and how they are created. Once we discovered the 3 different rock formations we moved on to learn about fossils and how they are formed over thousands of years. During a science lesson we made our own to show the different stages of a fossil being formed and created our very own cast.

Year 4

In year 4 we have been learning about rocks and discovering that there are different types of rock and this depends on how it is formed. As a class we also looked at how fossils are formed and how the animal or plant inside decays over time and leaves a mould where mud, sand, water and stone replace its shape to create a fossil.

Year 5 & 6

Year 5 and 6 have been concentrating on living things and their habitats, which has led on to classifying animals into groups and creating our own classfication tools. We have looked at the types of animals that live in certain habitats and observed their characterisitics closely to compare their differences and similarities. Year 6 were also lucky enough to take part in the Hull STEM in action event in November, this gave the children chance to see what STEM careers are out there and to work with professionals from industry.