At Collingwood our overwhelming desire is to ensure that children develop a love of reading and writing.  To achieve this aim, we focus on the skills children require to read with fluency and understanding and to become creative and imaginative writers. We make explicit links between the reader and writer and invest significant resources in teaching children to read (decode) and importantly to develop higher order reading skills such as being able to discuss the effect of language, make inferences and recognise the skills the writer deploys in order to engage the reader. As writers, we consolidate the basic skills of writing, using various strategies to expose the children to rich and diverse language. The children are given the opportunities to experiment writing in different genres and for a different purpose and audience. Providing the children with an authentic audience increases their motivation to write articulately and eloquently. Alongside these key drivers, we also emphasise the importance of handwriting and presentation and the accuracy of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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