Phonics and Reading

A high quality systematic phonic lesson is taught every day at Collingwood Primary. The children in year 1 spend at least twenty minutes each day engaging in fun, lively activities that teach them how to be successful readers. We follow the Letters and Sounds book which is taken from the National Curriculum, and this is taught daily in Reception, Key Stage 1 and when needed in Key Stage 2. 

We believe in the value of our youngest pupils reading with an adult every day to ensure that they have the best possible start. In year 1 we run our ‘every child, every day’ initiative. Drawing on the expertise of our most highly effective reading teachers we strive to encourage and empower confident and competent early readers. Years 2 through to year 6 we have daily whole class guided reading with targeted support where needed.

Reading is an integral part of our whole curriculum, additional to our daily literacy lessons, guided reading and phonics sessions we have a reading working party who develop an annual programme of additional reading opportunities for children.  These range from book swaps and library visits to "readaloutions" and bedtime story experiences, to name just a few. We run a successful authors programme, to ensure that all pupils have an in-depth experience of 42 different authors during their time at Collingwood.  We use fully decodeable books linked to the letters and sounds scheme with all children in reception and year 1.
For any other information regarding reading and phonics please contact Miss Insole, Miss Mouatt and Mrs Sargieson, our literacy leaders.