At Collingwood Primary School pupil mobility can be high which is why our curriculum is designed to allow children to revisit subjects every year.  All children, in every year group 1-6, experience direct teaching of the three core elements of design technology: construction, textiles and food. This is replicated in art with the three core elements of: drawing, painting and sculpture (3d).   It is important that children of all ages have a good grasp of the knowledge, skills and vocabulary associated with these subjects to allow them to develop their learning, curiosity and passion.  We wholeheartedly believe that our children can achieve anything.  These subjects are important stepping stones towards further learning, engaging in new interests and hobbies and possible future career paths.


All children at Collingwood have weekly dance and drama lessons delivered by expert teachers.  These lessons culminate in two shows, one at Christmas and another at the end of the year. This gives every child the opportunity to perform on stage in costume with professional lighting and sound in front of an audience