Fit4Fun offer a reliable, friendly and professional service to ensure schools meet the expectations and standards for the school sports provision and the P.E. curriculum.  The highly qualified and experienced team plan, prepare and assess in line with Government legislation and OFSTED guidelines whilst delivering fun and engaging sessions for the children.  With an extensive list of sports and the use of visual triggers for learning outcomes, Fit4Fun can ensure that children will develop a wide variety of skills, techniques and understanding across all areas of Sport and Living.



What we do at Collingwood

At Collingwood we offer the children as much variety as possible ensuring that children develop a wide range of skills, techniques and disciplines across the academic year.  With enthusiasm and enjoyment at its core,  Fit4Fun aim to provide each child with their own ball/racket/equipment to ensure maximum participation and involvement across the lesson.

With an extensive list of sports we are able to offer the children a mixture of team, individual, unusual and inclusive sports such as: Football, Basketball, Tag Rugby, Kwik Cricket, Tennis, Athletics, Tri-Golf, Gymnastics, Ultimate Frisbee, Pop Lacrosse, Boxing & Table Tennis. These sports are delivered in half termly blocks (5-7 weeks) and selected appropriately in line with the age/ability of the group and of course the Great British weather! At the end of the year all year groups come together to compete and showcase their skills in the school sports week which culminates in a fantastic Sports Day and Tug of War on the Friday. This year will be Sports Science week!