Coaching Groups

Every child at Collingwood is a member of a coaching group. We stay with our coaching 'families' for as long as we stay at the school. We meet twice a week and develop strong relationships with the other members in our group, which really helps us to support and challenge each other to continually improve. All the adults have a coaching group, even our site supervisor and business manager! Everyone in our school is responsible for helping us to grow and learn.

We talk about our plans for the week, what we are hoping to achieve and what we are looking forward to. We reflect on our choices and other issues that are important to us week by week. 

Coaching groups are an excellent place for us to develop socially, morally, spiritually and culturally. We talk about how to keep ourselves and others safe and we use this time to have a voice and share our views. We get lots of new children from lots of different countries and having a coaching group really helps new people to quickly feel part of the Collingwood family.