Celebrating Success

We are very proud when our children's hard work affords them external recognition for their achievements. Through their success in competitions this year, our children continue to demonstrate the high standard that they are working at. When Collingwood children enter a competition, they enter it with a winners attitude.

Solo Musician Winner

After a stunning piano performance, our year 3 entry was awarded the trophy as the overall winner of the HCAT Solo Musician Competition. We are incredibly proud of the hours of hard work and dedication to practice that has led to such an outstanding skill. He has reinforced the importance of three of our core values; hard work, courage and aspiration.

Joint 1st Place in Dance Competition

The Collingwood Dance Team were awarded joint first place for their two performances at the HCAT Dance Competition. They worked incredibly hard together to reach a very high standard of performance. We are thrilled with their professionalism in the way that they conducted themselves, both on the stage and through their support of the other dance teams in the competition.

Under 11s Boys Central League Champions

Our KS2 football team have worked hard at training this term. They have made so much progress as a team and have demonstrated this progress through a fantastic series of matches that secured them the Under 11's Central League trophy. Well done to all of the team, including the Collingwood football coaches, who bring positivity, pride and belief to their role.