We are currently reading 'The boy in the girls' bathroom'. The book brings up issues around growing up and the impact of our actions on others. We will have many class disscusions such as how does our behaviour impact others, how do we treat other people, are people either all good or all bad.  We will discuss the effects of author's language and punctuation choices and how they contribute to the overall meaning. 



In maths we have been working on developing our understanding of mathematical concepts and showing our understanding in a variety of ways - adding depth to our learning. We will be using all four operations in a variety of contexts to ensure that we fully understand them and are ready to tackle secondary school maths with full confidence. 


In science we have been learning about Space. 


We needed to be able to:

  • describe the movement of the moon relative to the Earth 
  • describe the movemnet of the earth and other planets around the sun
  • explain the concepts of day and night in relation to the apparent movement of the sun across the sky