Can I create a poem using simile?

Year 3 were incredibly lucky this half term. The children's poet Joseph Coelho visited us and helped us to create poems about Freedom, one of the themes of the City of Culture.


Can I solve addition problems using formal methods?

Conqueror are learning to use the column method confidently.


Can I show on a map where the Romans had their empire?

Year 3 used chalk to draw a huge European map on their classroom floor to demonstrate the movement of the Roman army.


Can I use a range of materials to create a 3D sculpture?

We used clay, cardboard, recycled papers, chalks and tubes to create models over the course of art week.


Can I work scientifically and record my observations appropriately?

Conqueror and Colossus became Crime Scene Investigators for the day as they worked to solve the mystery of who pulled up the tulips.

Working with both classes gave us a chance to pair up with people we don't always get a chance to work with.

"I used a magnifying glass to investigate the plants."


"The torches helped me and Rhiannon to find fingerprints."


"The gloves protected my hands and stopped me getting my fingerprints on things."