In literacy this half term we will be focusing on all the skills the children learnt in year 1 and embedding them before we move slowly on to the year 2 work. For example: Full stops and capital letters, using their phonics, finger spaces, spellings and sentence work. We want to make sure that the children are fully confident in these areas before we start introducing new concepts to them. For those children who are ready, we will start looking at different types of grammar and punctuation and how to use adjectives and adverbs in sentences. We will do all of this through the topic 'Food'.

We will look at recipes, instructional writing and begin to write our own stories around food. We will read lots of stories around food like 'Oliver's Vegetables' and non fiction texts around it too.

Please support us with anything extra you could help with at home such as practising the skills above and reading as often as you can with your child.


This term we will look closely at number. We will learn how to count in 2's, 5's and 10's and start to look at these in times tables. We will look at these numbers represented in different ways such as in words, numbers, pictures, ten rods and ones and really try and get a good in depth knowledge of what this number actually is. After this we will start learning addition and subtraction facts, fractions and begin to learn about grouping ( multiplication) and division.  

Our topic is FOOD!

We will do all of our geography, history, music, art, RE, science, D&T and ICT around the topic food! We are very excited about this topic as we have some lovely trips planned. We also have some exciting activities that can get the parents involved so watch this space!