In numeracy we are working on addition and subtraction,  working hard using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to work out our answers. Then, we will be moving onto number bonds to 10 and 20 which we will need to practise at home!


In literacy this term we are looking at narrative writing, focusing on writing our very own fairytale. We are going to use Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing strategies to help us scaffold our writing. We are working incredibly hard on our cursive handwriting, full stops, finger spaces and making sure it makes sense!


In science, our focus is on animals including humans. We are learning all about our bodies and our senses before moving onto different groups of animals, their bodies and how they survive.


In topic, we are very excited to be learning all about the Queen! We will be looking at her history as the queen, her family and looking at all the countries in which she reigns over. We will be developing our history and geographical skills through our studying of the Queen.