In numeracy we are working on our numbers. We are learning to read and write numbers up to 20, as well as 1 more and 1 less, couting forwards and backwards and representing numbers in different ways. We will then move on to addition and subtraction within 20.


In literacy this term we are focusing on the story 'The Three Little Pigs'! We are going to use Talk4Writing techniques to learn this story, as well as adapting and innovating the story to make it our own. We will then move onto poetry and create our own Hull Fair poem which we can't wait to show you!


In science, our focus is on materials. We will be learning about different materials, their properties and why they are suitable for different objects. For our experiment, we will be investigating which material would be best for the 3 little pigs house.


In topic, we are very excited to be learning all about our local area and the special events and people in Hull. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some excited trips and school projects related to these.