Our school trip to the Ferens Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum

The children had a wonderful time on our school trip. We saw some amazing models, sculptures, paintings and drawings. The children observed the pieces of art work closely and chose a piece which they liked the best. We then recreated our favourite pieces of art in class, using a range of materials and resources. This supports the children's development within the 'Exploring and using media and materials' aspect of the curriculum which states, 'Children safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design and texture.' We also wrote about our trip in our literacy books and children were able to confidently write about their experience using the literacy skills we have learned. The children's work included capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and children used their phonic knowledge to sound out words. This shows that children are 'able to write simple sentences...with some words spelt correctly and others phonetically plausible.' This is a key element for their literacy skills according to the curriculum. Children also remembered key facts about their favourite piece of art and were able to use descriptive language in their writing.

The children's behaviour was outstanding and the staff feel extremely proud of how well they represented themselves and the school. This proves that children are taking responsibility for their own behaviour and are able to 'adjust their behaviour to different situations and take changes of routine in their stride.' This is a key for childrens' personal, social and emotional skills and supports the development of the whole child.

A huge thank you to all of the parents who joined us on our outing. Our school trips and events would not be as successful without your continuing help and support, so we thank you for this. It is lovely to see the children at Collingwood sharing their school experiences with their parents and for the school and families to continue to develop positive relationships.