Enterprise task

The children enjoyed selling their buns to make money for our school trip next half term.

They decided to sell the buns for 40p each.

The children were confident to ask the parents to buy the buns and understood that we need to make money for our class. This supports the enterprise skills we encourage at Collingwood Primary School.


The children enjoyed baking today.

They ensured they washed their hands before making the buns and understood this was to prevent spreading germs and to stay clean and healthy (Early Learning Goal- Health and self care).

Measuring and weighing

The children weighed out all of the ingredients and discussed amounts, weight and measures (Early Learning Goal- Shape, space and measures).


The children mixed all the ingredients together to ensure they had the correct consistency.

Using equipment carefully

They then carefully spooned the mixture into bun cases. They used all the tools carefully and were taking turns with one another. This shows they are working within the Early Learning Goal for managing feelings and behaviour and making relationships, 'children take turns with resources and co-operate with expectations.'

They were also able to discuss the importance of the adult putting the buns in the oven, "If we touch the oven it might burn our hands, so Sami has to put them in so we are safe.' (Early Learning Goal- Health and self care).