City of Culture task

The children enjoyed designing their own brick for their City of Culture task. 

They used a range of materials to make marks, experimenting with texture and design, supporting the Expressive Arts and Design aspect of the curriculum. They used language including, 'the clay is sticky' 'it's quite hard but i can squash it with my hands' 'it's easy to make marks on'. This language shows they are working within the Early Learning Goal for Expressive Arts and Design as the children are able to use language to, 'describe texture, design and form.'

Handling the clay

The children handled the clay carefully and put a lot of thought into the design. Amelia enjoyed experimenting with different tools to create a range of patterns on her brick. (Expressive Art and Design- EARLY Learning Goal)


Hala used different sized tools to create different marks. She wanted hers to, 'look like the sea and the sky.' (Expressive Art and Design and Being Imaginative- Early Learning Goal).

Sharing tools and working together

The children were extremely sensible with the tools provided and were taking turns and sharing. This shows their ability to follow school expectations and build positive relationships with their peers. This behaviour is supported by the curriculum; Managing Feelings and Behaviour- Early Learning Goal, 'children work as part of a group and follow the rules' and Making Relationships- Early Learning Goal, 'children play co-operatively, taking turns with others.'