Welcome to Pelican

The adults who support our learning are Mrs Hayter, Mrs Morris and Faye

Summer Term

Welcome to Phoebe

The adults who support our learning are Mrs Hayter, Mrs Morris and Faye.


 A key importance of Early Years education is children learning through play. The learning environments of the Foundation Stage will be adapted each term to meet the needs and interests of children, and to encourage the development of a range of skills. As a team, we will support each child’s learning through adult interaction and the enhancement of play.


What is on the Plate?

 This term there will be a  focus on progressing learning in the following areas:

Reading (reading simple sentences which include decodable words and 'tricky' words)

Writing (writing simple sentneces that can be read by others, using phonetical knowldge and including correctly spelt 'trick words)



We will continue to use  “Objective Led Planning”  as a key learning strategy. This method takes learning directly to the children during their play, rather than taking them away from play to complete adult directed tasks. For example, a focus may be on literacy and the development of writing or mark making skills. Firstly, we will observe the child while engrossed in play, before joining in and becoming part of that play. Through this interaction, we can then encourage and enhance play (at an individual level), and incorporate writing into the theme. The ‘objective’ for learning will be the same for a number of children, however, the outcomes will be very different. We may, for instance, see children labelling drawings of a Lego house that they have created, writing instructions for a game they have invented, writing recipes for playdough cupcakes or even writing stories using chalk on the playground floor!

The majority of our curriculum is based around children’s specific interests, however, at  the beginning of the Summer term we will continue to enjoy our overarching theme of:   "What Grows?"  This theme links directly to our fantastic farm visit  and we will continue to explore the many associated learning opportunities. 

Our theme will progress later in the term to "What makes animals amazing?" , continuing to enhance this class interest.

 (Please see the curriculum section for further details)


Reading and Phonics

Books for Bedtime

Don’t forgot to use our ‘Books for Bedtime’ scheme and change books as often as you like. We will encourage children to change books on Friday mornings, but the library box is available at any time. Remember, these are books for you to enjoy together and we do not expect children to be able to read the words! Our aim is to develop a life-long love of reading!



Children will participate in  fun-filled, daily phonics sessions. We will be completing Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds before moving onto Phase 4. We will be focussing on reading and writing in sentences using all of the Phase 3 sounds and 'tricky' words. 

It is important that children learn the correct sound for each letter (or group of letters such as sh, ch, igh), rather than saying the letter names (A, B, C...). This will help children to hear and identify sounds in words when blending for reading and segmenting for spelling.  

There is a brilliant website that you can use to help practise all of these skills at home. It can be found here at www.phonicsplay.co.uk. Remember to click on Phase 3.


Authors for this term include:

Sue Hendra (Supertato)

Giles Andrea (Rumble in the Jungle - Rhymes and poems)


Story Times

We will continue with  daily story time sessions and will use a range of high quality texts taken from our 'Authors Program',  Pie Corbett's  'Spine of books', as well as from the  'recomended books to read in reception' list. 

We will additionally  be looking at the traditional tale of ‘The Magic Porridge Pot'  and will use this to support mathematical learning as well as develop our ‘Talk for Writing’ strategies. 


Home Reading Books

This term, children will change their home reading books on Friday mornings. We will send a book home that is matched to your child’s phonic level and will also send a book home of their choice. Please remember to return school reading books EVERY FRIDAY as we have a limited supply of books at each reading level.



Daily 'Mastery Maths' sessions will be taught each morning with children practising and learning a range of mathematical skills. We will continue with our 'Mastery Maths Mondays' where the provision in all areas is enhanced to develop mathematical understanding of concepts such as addion, subtraction, partitionaing, doubling, sharing and halving.

This term we will be focussing on securing the skill of addition and subtraction using a range of methods.

 We will  be looking measuring (height, weight, capacity) through a range of stories and our growth theme.


Throughout the year children will be learning to use and recognise specific Mathematical vocabulary:

Numeral: a symbol denoting a number (1, 2, 3…)

 Number:  a value or an amount   

Digit: the numeral 23 is made up of the digits 2 and 3

Subitising: without counting- the ability to look at a small group of objects and know how many are there without having to count them.

A website that can be used to practice a range of mathematical skills is www.topmarks.co.uk . Search for “ topmarks early years”  to find a fantastic selection of interactive resources.


PE kits are needed on a Wednesday and Friday
Children should to come to school on a Wednesday and Friday morning wearing their PE kits, ready to start lessons straight away. Please remember to make sure that all items of clothing (including shoes) are named and children are not wearing any jewellery. School uniforms should be brought in a bag for children to change into following PE sessions.


Morning Work

During the Summer term, we will begin ‘Morning Work’ in preparation for the children moving up into Year 1 in September.  Each morning, a ‘Morning Task’ will be prepared for children to complete as they arrive. This could be a handwriting task or maths based activity for example. We will encourage the children to leave their parents at the school door and come into school independently to complete these tasks. Mrs Hayter, Mrs Morris and         will still be available each morning should you wish to discuss anything with them.



TWITTER: We aim to add at least one 'tweet' per week to share our learning with parents and carers. Please follow us to keep up to date with what is happening in Pelican!


Please also  visit the school website regularly for up to date information

We have an open-door policy so please feel free to talk to practitioners at anytime for more information on topics, themes or about your child’s individual learning.


One  of our subtraction methods