Welcome to Pelican

The adults who support our learning are Mrs Hayter, Mrs Smith, Abby and Aleisha.

In phonics we are working on phase 2.
This means we continuing to practise important skills such as rhyming and orally segmenting and blending sounds in words. We will begin by looking the following letters: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f ff l ll ss. We will learn the sounds that they make, how to write them and will begin to use them to read and write simple words. There is a brilliant website that you can use to help practise these at home. It can be found here at www.phonicsplay.co.uk

Our author for this term is.
Pat Hutchins

At the end of EYFS we need to be able to recognise and order numbers to 20.

This term we will be securing our use of numbers to 10. Through games and activities we will practise recognising the numbers, putting them in order and ensuring we know the value of each number. We will also continue to work on counting accurately.

We will be introducing Little Big Maths and will use this to support our work on basic calculations such as one more and one less.

Finally we will also be thinking about 2D shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles and triangles.


We need our PE kit on a Thursday and Friday.
We need to come to school on Thursday and Friday in our PE kit ready to start our lesson straight away. It is really helpful if we have our school uniform in a bag so we can get changed again. Please remember to make sure that all our items of clothing (including shoes) are named and that we are not wearing any jewellery.

Reading and Homework.

Homework will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned to school on a Monday. Children should also be practising their Set 1 and Set 2 words that have been sent home.