In Literacy this term we are looking at narrative writing, focusing on writing a story based on a 'true event' where a dragon came to Collingwood. Look at the mess it made in our classroom!

We are using some of Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing strategies to help us scaffold our writing including story mapping and the use of signifiers. We are working incredibly hard on our cursive handwriting, full stops, finger spaces and making sure our work makes sense!


In numeracy we are looking back over the basic skills we have learnt throughout the year. Our focus so far this half term has been on number and place value but we will be moving onto addition and subtraction very soon!

We have also done work on position and direction where we located dragon footprints on a dragon hunt around the school linking to our key positional vocabulary.


In science our focus is on plants, we have been using our local environment both in and around school to help us to identify different common and wild flowers. We have been learning about the structure of plants and trees and have planted our own vegetables to support our observational skills whilst watching these grow.