Teaching School

We were awarded 'Teaching School' status in 2012 due to our 'Outstanding School' status. Since establishing Hull Collaborative Teaching School it has become the largest Teaching School in England. The collaborative teaching school is a city-wide approach developed to ensure that the training and leadership needs of the city are met through a not for profit organisation that aims to establish top quality training, reflective of national good practice and tailored to the specific needs of teachers and school staff within the city of Hull.

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Hull Collaborative Teaching School Latest News

Hull Collaborative Teaching School (HCTS) has become the largest Teaching School in England and is pleased to announce that it is expanding further due to the success of Highlands Primary School which has recently been granted Teaching School Status.

The National College for Teaching & Learning’s ‘Teaching School’ accreditation is only awarded to those schools that have been judged by OfSTED as being outstanding in all areas and who also have the skills to lead the support and development of teaching and learning across a partnership of local schools.

Collingwood Primary was awarded ‘Teaching School’ Status in 2012 due to its ‘Outstanding School’ status and has just been joined by Highlands Primary School, which has also been awarded ‘Teaching School’ Status due to its outstanding achievements and recognition of its support to other schools within and outside the city.

The two Teaching Schools will work together under the not for profit organisation called Hull Collaborative Teaching School (HCTS).

HCTS has 80 local schools within their partnership and offers a comprehensive range of services from Initial Teacher Training, Newly Qualified Teacher Training, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), programmes to support local schools to improve and Curriculum development.  HCTS are committed to providing quality support that will improve teaching and learning across the City.

Highlands Primary School’s new status will enable further developments to be put in place including the expansion of the existing Initial Teacher Training programme with a plan to recruit up to 60 graduates next year, to be fully trained as qualified Teachers with a commitment to working within Hull.

This will be delivered through a bespoke HCTS training programme enabling the newly trained teachers to move into teaching positions within the City to meet the growing demand for teachers in Hull.

Developing Support for Secondary Schools:

In a further exciting development, HCTS is now also planning to help meet the demand for support from the secondary schools within the City as both St Mary’s College and Archbishop Sentamu Academy become strategic partners within HCTS. This key role will focus initially on two areas.

Firstly, developing and deploying “Specialist Leaders in Education” (SLEs) – experts in areas such as Leadership, Management, Pupil Achievement, Quality Teaching and Behaviour & Safety – who will provide support wherever this is needed.

Secondly, leading the recruitment and development of teacher training to meet the demands of Hull’s Secondary Schools through the delivery of ‘School Centered Initial Teacher Training’.  This is achieved through a combination of an accredited university-based programme run alongside practical “on-the-job” training for the graduates in schools.

The Head Teacher of Highlands Primary, Jan Drinkall said:

“I’m so proud of the achievements that my team and the children at Highlands have made to enable the school to become and sustain ‘Outstanding’ status and the latest Teaching School accreditation is in recognition of the dedication and commitment and hard work of all involved at the school.

The Teaching School status enables Highlands to work in partnership with Collingwood Primary School, St Mary’s College, Archbishop Sentamu Academy and all HCTS partner Schools in a truly collaborative manner to help ensure that every child in every school in Hull gets the opportunity to be the absolute best they can be which we believe will open doors to amazing opportunities.”

The Head Teacher of Collingwood Primary, Estelle Macdonald said:

“My Team at Collingwood and I have worked closely with Jan and her team at Highlands over many years and we are so pleased they have been recognised for their fantastic achievements in teaching and learning, along with the support they have delivered to other local schools.

Their status as a Teaching School and agreement to work collaboratively with the HCTS partnership will undoubtedly help to make a significant impact in improving and supporting education across Hull’s Primary Schools.

This will also assist with HCTS’s aim to develop support for local secondary schools working in partnership with Ged Fitzpatrick the Head Teacher at St Mary’s College, Andrew Chubb Principal of Archbishop Sentamu Academy and their excellent leadership teams who have significant experience of working with other schools to support them through a programme of improvement.

The Principal of Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Andrew Chubb said:

“We are delighted to become strategic partners in the Teaching School.  It is gives us the perfect opportunity to work alongside colleagues from other schools, supporting and learning from each other.  Teaching is essentially a highly collaborative activity, and the Teaching School helps to promote this ethos across the city.”